Monday, April 18, 2011

A lot to cover

Me on the first day
OK so I have gone out quit a few times before I started this blog.  So, I thought I would give some back story.  I have always liked to the idea of paintballin just never went out to play so serious games or matches.  A very good and old friend of my Gabe came over on New Years 11, and brought his new Tippman Project Salvo paintball gun with him.  I loved that gun at first sight!!! ( I now own one)  So i asked if he had any extra guns we could go out and shoot each other with.  His reply was a very enthusiastic "YES".  We set a match date for a couple of weeks away with promises we would recruit some moving targets to come play with us.  I told my friend I would pay for the rounds if he brought the his guns.  When I went in to the paintball store I go to,  The Command Post on 27th Ave and Bell, I bought my first paintball gun, a paintball gun so old I actually cant find a like for it, weird.
By the time match day had come around I had recruited my friends Brent, Travis and Alan along with Gabe.  I had a blast, it was super cold that day but who gives a shit.  Since then there has been as many as 13 poeple out there with us.
First group photo, I'm behind the camera

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  1. HOOAH!

    What in the world did we create amigo?

    I'll tell ya what, one hell of a group of guys AND gals who like to go paintballin.