Tuesday, April 19, 2011


John- Without proper protection....
Ball on skin action!
     Now everyone knows a paintball hurts.  When I first started back in January I didn't wear a protective mask.  Then I took a round right next to my eye and realized that I need some goggles.  Now I have a mask and a vest, now my vest is was not bought for the purpose of protection but it does cover alot of my torso. 
This is what happens when you back through
a tree without looking
     I have had friends out there playing in a wife beater.  Unfortunately for John that resulted in the MOST GNARLY paintball wound I have ever seen......Oh yeah and I inflected it!!!!  John was a champ about it, posing for pictures and even  sending me an update photo later that week.
   Come to think of it we all have had some pretty awesome wounds and close calls.  I'm pretty sure Travis almost lost an eye by less than two or three inches, which he took like a champ too.
     So here are some of our wounds to date.
Julie- First Real Wound
Ball on Skin Action!
I will add to these a lot so make sure to follow!
Brent- Forehead shot!
Travis- Shot to the Ear
This shot almost got me in the eye
(went out and got a mask next match)

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