Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Day Match

     I have to start this post out with a very big thank you to my friend Travis.  If it were not for Travis, most people would not have come out.  It has was a pretty tight weekend for a lot of people I know because of the holiday.  But my homie Travis offered to pay for those who needed paint and air so we could have a match.  What a great guy.
     So we had a good turn out, ten people showed in total.  Three new face showed up, Anthony, Matt and Karyn.  Thanks for come guys.  We had a lot of fun.  It was the first time we started the match at 6am, but it was not too bad.  Thank you to my wife and Stephine for the breakfast burritos.
     I had a great time out there, just like I always do.  Even though I don't get to take the Trophy home, I still had a fucking blast!
Karyn and Matt-Center
Group Photo 1

Group Photo 2

Neck Shot!
Some pics of the day:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Something To Play For

Something To Play For
A couple weeks back my friend Alan ordered a small trophy for us to play for. The rules are very simple...he who kills the most people wins!
This is absolutely something I can dig on. I love a good reason to get some smack talking going.
So the first match that the trophy was up for grabs, your truly took it home for the first week.
I took it back out today to put my title on the line. The rounds didn't fly true for me today and I had to hand it over:(


This was posted from my iPhone4

First Champion of paintball 

Gabe and his glory

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Faces

Our Biggest Group
My Wife-Julie
     When I first started going out, there was five of us.  There has as many as 13 people out the playing.  It has been nice to invite my friends out and see them have as much fun as I have.  People have come out to watch just to end up play next time we go out.  This sport is not a man only sport, my wonderful wife Julie has come out twice with us.  My neighbor Brent brought his wife out, now she wants to gear up and start playing regularly.  Our 11 year old wants to go too, we'll see.
     So here are some picture of the various people I have played with.



Alan-on right

Yes its that fun!



Brent- On left


There has been more, I just don't have pix:(

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

vLog #2- Apex2 Barrel System Action

OK, I wanted to do this earlier in the day, could get anyone to hold the camera, so by the time I did decide to do it myself it was already getting darker out, so if you cant see the balls tracking, sorry.  I will try to amend this video soon.

vLog #1- Apex2 Barrel System

I know I'm jumping the gun here with my first vLog, but I really wanted to make a video of the barrel, not to worry, I will blog about my current weapons soon!

Group Photos

     Group photos have become pretty much tradition out there.  I don't think we have taken one every time, but mostly These photos are a big part of the day, prolly the most important of the day.  For now......
First time out (Im behind cam)
Another match group growing

Still growing
Biggest group yet @ 13!
Most recent, small group but I was first to win the
"Baddest Mothafucker In The Game"


John- Without proper protection....
Ball on skin action!
     Now everyone knows a paintball hurts.  When I first started back in January I didn't wear a protective mask.  Then I took a round right next to my eye and realized that I need some goggles.  Now I have a mask and a vest, now my vest is was not bought for the purpose of protection but it does cover alot of my torso. 
This is what happens when you back through
a tree without looking
     I have had friends out there playing in a wife beater.  Unfortunately for John that resulted in the MOST GNARLY paintball wound I have ever seen......Oh yeah and I inflected it!!!!  John was a champ about it, posing for pictures and even  sending me an update photo later that week.
   Come to think of it we all have had some pretty awesome wounds and close calls.  I'm pretty sure Travis almost lost an eye by less than two or three inches, which he took like a champ too.
     So here are some of our wounds to date.
Julie- First Real Wound
Ball on Skin Action!
I will add to these a lot so make sure to follow!
Brent- Forehead shot!
Travis- Shot to the Ear
This shot almost got me in the eye
(went out and got a mask next match)

Monday, April 18, 2011

A lot to cover

Me on the first day
OK so I have gone out quit a few times before I started this blog.  So, I thought I would give some back story.  I have always liked to the idea of paintballin just never went out to play so serious games or matches.  A very good and old friend of my Gabe came over on New Years 11, and brought his new Tippman Project Salvo paintball gun with him.  I loved that gun at first sight!!! ( I now own one)  So i asked if he had any extra guns we could go out and shoot each other with.  His reply was a very enthusiastic "YES".  We set a match date for a couple of weeks away with promises we would recruit some moving targets to come play with us.  I told my friend I would pay for the rounds if he brought the his guns.  When I went in to the paintball store I go to,  The Command Post on 27th Ave and Bell, I bought my first paintball gun, a paintball gun so old I actually cant find a like for it, weird.
By the time match day had come around I had recruited my friends Brent, Travis and Alan along with Gabe.  I had a blast, it was super cold that day but who gives a shit.  Since then there has been as many as 13 poeple out there with us.
First group photo, I'm behind the camera

In the Begining

I have always want to do a blog, but never know what to write about, since I have always had a preconceived notion that people who blog about their everyday lives need to get a life. So now that I have completely thrown myself into paintballing I figured I would blog about my little excursions. So stay tuned for all of my triumphs!!!!